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MAVA project: broadening the A15

Customer: Rijkswaterstaat

Sector: civil engineering

Duration: 2011-2015

The A15 between the Maasvlakte and the Vaanplein has been altered to improve traffic flow and optimise safety. During the MAVA project, a total of 85 km carriageway was added and a new, wider Botlek Bridge was built. We are still involved in asset management for this organisation.

MAVA project goal

The project MAVA Reconstruction A15 Maasvlakte Vaanplein was an assignment by the A-lanes consortium.
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Our professionals

For this project, we provided:
  • contract manager
  • document controller
  • head drawing office
  • system engineer
  • constructor
  • quality advisor
  • process planner


Within this project, we have provided professionals in several disciplines. We are still involved in asset management, increasing our knowledge.