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Rijnland route

Customer: South Holland province

Sector: civil engineering

Duration: 2017-2022

For the South Holland province we are working on the Rijnland route project. This realises a connection between the A4 and A44 south of Leiden. The new road is meant to regulate trafic and flow in the Holland Rijnland region, especially around Leiden and Katwijk. The limited capacity of the provincial road often is a cause of traffic jams. The Rijnland route project hopes to make the region more accessible.

rijnlandrouteDoel van het project

Het project Rijnlandroute realiseert een nieuwe verbinding tussen de A4 en A44 ten zuiden van Leiden: de N434. De nieuwe weg bestaat voor een groot deel uit een tunnel onder Voorschoten. Ook de provinciale weg N206 wordt aangepast in Katwijk en Leiden.

Our professionals

We have several professionals working on this project through the consortia that subscribe to this tender. They are working on the tunnel, in roadworks and in civil concrete construction with the accompanying installations. Our people are mainly active in the tender process and in drawing.


The total project will take approximately five years. Our people will start work for one of the consortia in the realisation phase. More information about the project progress can be found on the Rijnland route project website. Make sure to look at the project’s desired outcome on the website Rijlandroute in beeld.