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Transformer station Dörpen-West

Customer: Alstom / General Electric (GE)

Sector: Energy

Duration: 2014 – 2017

In Germany, an offshore transformer station is being built. The Dörpen West station converts electrical energy from offshore wind parks from alternate to continuous current, so that it can be connected to the German electricity network. We have placed an EHS site manager on this project. 

Goal of project transformer station

The national electricity network of Germany is being expanded to make it possible to conduct electricity from large wind parks in sea. To make sure energy loss is limited, the current is converted offshore to continuous current, then transported through a 2.160 kilometre long undersea cable to the onshore transformer station Dörpen West. In the transformer station, the generated electrical current is converted to continuous current (DC) so that it can be connected to the existing German network (380 kV).

Our professionals

One of our professionals has been working as an EHS site manager at this project since 2015. His work includes the daily preparation of licences, participating in coordination meetings, and executing ‘safety walks’ to assess the EHS performance of everyone working at the site.


The project is currently finishing construction. Step by step all installations are powered up. Lock-out and tag-out are executed to ensure the safety of everyone at the installation.